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磁性座鑽孔機|磁性鑽孔 [ 新 ]

Portable magnetic core drilling machine

  • Bearing bracket for precision alignment of the spindle.
  • Overload protection device for the motor and cutter.
  • Powerful electric magnetic holding power.
  • Two-speed gear box plus variable speed control
  • Reliable and powerful motor
  • Adjustable cutting oil system for both horizontal & vertical drilling.
  • Optional Gutter sliding guard for isolating the cutting chips.
  • Built-in clutch for motor protection.
  • Motor can not be switched on until magnet is activated, double insulation.
  • All controls mounted at rear side for easy operation and access.
  • Soft start for the motor.
  • Light weight
Application of hole cutting:

Slanted hole-cutting

Long hole-cutting

Edge hole-cutting
Cutting Procedures:

Position the pilot pin
on the punch mark.

Feed cutter slowly.


At conclusion cutting
the core plug is
ejected by pilot pin.

Model Volts RPM Power Drilling Capacity Magent holding power DIM Weight
TF-35R 110V/230V 1100W 650 12~35mm 7350N(750kgf) 165x80 12kgs  
TF-50R 110V/230V 1100W 300/650 12~35mm 7350N(750kgf) 165x80 19kgs  


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